The evolution of marketing: as technology sets the tone for natural selection, how will brands adapt, innovate, survive and thrive as the fittest?

Notes from a marketing professional with a third eye for the tech industry and media trends.
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Walkers Lurk Under the Streets of NYC

An incredible campaign from AMC— nicely done


Men Are More Likely Than Women to Use Mobile Shopping Technology

Every search marketer knows that Google dominates in U.S. search volume, handling two-thirds of all search queries. And yet, less is known about the entity that accounts for roughly the other third of searches—the Yahoo! Bing Network.

Bing and Financial Services belong together— assuming Google is the best fit for everyone is as easy to assume is it is invalid.

Cravendale - Cats with Thumbs #CatsWithThumbs (by CravendaleTV)

How to (not) Fail by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. My thoughts on branding and product placement, exactly!

Clue: the top four are as telling as they are redundant.

As Google and other companies begin to build wearable technology devices, an industry not known for its fashion sense faces a new challenge.

Warby Parker— it’s game time.

Experts say product could kill smartphones and alter the marketing landscape for years to come.